A northern California hospital’s rooftop cooling tower concrete support base was badly damaged. This was from years of service in atmospheric corrosion and occasional seismic activity. The hospital needed a fast and cost effective solution to repair the damaged concrete.

After the hospital determined there was no structural damage, ENECON’s distributor in northern California was able to prescribe the following process to repair the concrete base:

1. All loose concrete pieces were removed. The concrete was ground or grit blasted to provide an adequate surface profile. The exposed rebar was coated with ENESEAL CR before the concrete was primed.

2. DuraQuartz LW was applied to the vertical and overhead surfaces and a former was made to restore the original shape of the base. DuraQuartz was also used in all other non-vertical or overhead areas.

3. All the DuraQuartz was polished smooth and then coated with two coats of ENESEAL CR to encapsulate and protect the base from future exposure to the elements.